Creating a World Where Women, Especially Women of Color, Succeed in Business

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Our Full Stack Philanthropy combines impact investing, grantmaking and advocacy.

Only 2-4% of women receive VC funding – that’s a lot of missed innovation created for women, by women. For women of color founders, the numbers are even worse (statistically close to 0% of VC funding). At The Impact Seat Foundation, our goal is to close the wealth and opportunity gap. Our Full Stack Philanthropy melds impact investing, grantmaking and advocacy to sustain an ecosystem and community for women leaders across the globe.  

Collage of Impact Seat fellows

Our Full Stack Ecosystem

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    We provide grants to innovative startups that are early-stage, women-led, and diverse. Stay tuned for more info about our upcoming grants.

  • Tanya Van Court, member of The Impact Seat Foundation's Ecosystem

    Impact Investing

    Featured: Tanya Van Court, Founder & CEO of Goalsetter

    All profits from our investments in women-led organizations funnel back into the ecosystem to help provide rich resources to women business leaders.

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    From six-month paid maternity leave, to the childcare stimulus – everyone deserves to be protected. We work alongside organizations that advocate for policies that ensure women can be successful.

Meet Our Leaders

Barbara Clarke

Barbara Clarke

Founder and Board Chair

Cheryl Contee, CEO of The Impact Seat Foundation

Cheryl Contee

Chief Executive Officer

Recent Highlights

Here’s what our ecosystem has been up to here at The Impact Seat Foundation. You’ll find our latest articles, webinars, podcasts & more. 

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Women Over 50 Conference

Join the Women Over 50 Conference to hear about how women are thriving in their 50s and beyond, from women in business to women in leadership! Hear our CEO, Cheryl Contee, discuss her journey in entrepreneurship and the exciting work she is doing with The Impact Seat Foundation, helping build a world where women can succeed in business at any phase in their life.


Silicon Valley Bank's Startup Advisor AMA with Cheryl Contee

Silicon Valley Bank is hosting their series, Startup Advisor AMA, featuring our CEO Cheryl Contee. Join to hear about Cheryl's journey as an entrepreneur and ask questions about startup life and planning a successful exit.


East Coast Family Office High Net Worth Annual Conference

The East Coast Family Office High Net Worth Annual Conference is being held on November 3rd, 2022. Founder of The Impact Seat Foundation, Barbara Clarke, will be a part of the event as a member of a panel on the importance of investing in diverse teams and why venture capitalists need to overcome bias to fund women of color.

Barbara will be joined by Lorine Pendleton and Patrice Brickman to discuss the importance of funding diverse teams and furthering women of color in business. The panel will kick off at 2:25 pm EST.

Register Here for East Coast Family Office High Net Worth Annual Conference
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