• 1stGenYale

    Being the First But Not The Last 1stGenYale Alumni Conference

    Join CEO Cheryl Contee and other Yale alumni for the 1stGenYale Alumni Conference at the Yale School of Management! Cheryl will be a part of a panel of alumni entrepreneurs at the conference.

  • WBENC Momentum National Conference

    WBENC Momentum National Conference

    Join business leaders and entrepreneurs for the annual WBENC Momentum Conference in Nashville, TN!

    WBENC Momentum National Conference
  • WOCCON 2023


    Join this year's Women of Color Connecting Summit to hear from women in business about their entrepreneurial journeys and to find solutions to the barriers facing women of color in entrepreneurship. Hear from our Founder, Barbara Clarke, about her own journey and why it's important we find ways to uplift underrepresented communities.

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  • Women Over 50 Conference

    Women Over 50 Conference

    Join the Women Over 50 Conference to hear about how women are thriving in their 50s and beyond, from women in business to women in leadership! Hear our CEO, Cheryl Contee, discuss her journey in entrepreneurship and the exciting work she is doing with The Impact Seat Foundation, helping build a world where women can succeed in business at any phase in their life.

  • SVB Startup Advisor AMA

    Silicon Valley Bank's Startup Advisor AMA with Cheryl Contee

    Silicon Valley Bank is hosting their series, Startup Advisor AMA, featuring our CEO Cheryl Contee. Join to hear about Cheryl's journey as an entrepreneur and ask questions about startup life and planning a successful exit.

  • East Coast Family Office Conference

    East Coast Family Office High Net Worth Annual Conference

    The East Coast Family Office High Net Worth Annual Conference is being held on November 3rd, 2022. Founder of The Impact Seat Foundation, Barbara Clarke, will be a part of the event as a member of a panel on the importance of investing in diverse teams and why venture capitalists need to overcome bias to fund women of color.

    Barbara will be joined by Lorine Pendleton and Patrice Brickman to discuss the importance of funding diverse teams and furthering women of color in business. The panel will kick off at 2:25 pm EST.

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  • Vermont Women's Investor Network

    HerStory with Vermont Women's Investor Network

    The Vermont Women's Investor Network is hosting a series entitled HerStory, where women business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs share their entrepreneurial stories and how they achieved success in business.

    The Impact Seat Foundation's Founder, Barbara Clarke, will share her story about investing and why impact investing is of great importance to her. By investing in diverse teams, we're able to create a more equitable future.



  • Third Act Storytelling Quest

    Third Act Storytelling Quest

    Third Act is hosting an interview series entitled, "Third Act Storytelling Quest," where business leaders, founders, and industry professionals will tell the story of their Third Act, or the ventures that propelled them to success late in life.

    The Impact Seat Foundation CEO, Cheryl Contee, will share her story in an interview during the event. She'll discuss her passions, what motivates her, and what this phase of life means to her in terms of personal and professional development.

    This series aims to be a guiding force of motivation for those looking to take the next step in their career and to inspire those who are ready to excel during their own Third Act.

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  • New Media Ventures Summit

    New Media Ventures 2022 Summit

    CEO and New Media Ventures Board Member Cheryl Contee will be attending this year's New Media Ventures Summit in San Francisco, CA.

    This year's summit will be hosted September 28th-29th at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco, featuring panels, speakers, and sessions focused on progressive investing and building the future of business through sustaining democracy.

    Participants can join virtually or in-person for the trainings, organizing sessions, pitching, and other informative sessions. The focus of this summit is to motivate investors to fund groups that support our democracy and moving progressive politics forward for the good of all.

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  • Flippa Presents HER Future

    HER Future Virtual Summit

    HER Future Virtual Summit is the first annual summit hosted by Flippa bringing together women entrepreneurs and founders.

    The summit will feature an impressive speaker series, including The Impact Seat Foundation CEO, Cheryl Contee, to share their experiences in founding and leading businesses.

    Speakers, informational sessions, and trainings will help guide female founders and entrepreneurs in the starting of their businesses and the investing process as a whole.

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  • Womens Fast Pitch Image

    Women's Private Equity Summit (Northeast)

    Join us and other like-minded investors, angel groups, funds and other community builders that are aligned with the investment thesis of investing in scalable impact companies led by women, notably women of color.

    The Women's Fast Pitch competition series returns for another nationwide tour this summer! Each week, up to five female founders from a different United States region will be chosen to pitch in front of investors and members of the startup community. Our CEO Cheryl Contee will be moderating the Northeast fast pitch.

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  • WVS 2022

    2022 Women's Venture Summit

    We're proud to sponsor the 2022 Women's Venture Summit (WVS) hosted by Stella Labs! WVS is an unmatched event that builds bridges between female founders and investors (including aspiring investors!). The goals of the conference are to boost female founders’ access to capital and to grow the number of female investors who invest in female-led startups.

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  • Startup Life Live

    Startup Life Live with Ande Lyons

    Startup Life LIVE is a bi-weekly live stream show supporting startup founders by exploring strategies and solutions, insights, and inspiration through conversations with diverse business owners, investors, and experts. Launching a startup is hard – and founders need to continually up their skillset and embrace doing hard things. Join our CEO Cheryl Contee in discussion with host Ande Lyons!

    Stream Here
  • 19th represents 2022 conference

    The 19th Represents Hybrid Summit 2022

    We're thrilled to sponsor this year's 19th Represents Hybrid Summit! This year focuses on the past 50 years of Title IX and how far we've come for gender equality. For the opening keynote, we have the honor of introducing a true champion of women’s rights, Senator Elizabeth Warren

    Join us for Sen. Warren's opening keynote on 6/15 and stay for the amazing lineup! 

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  • Project W Event

    Project W Women Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

    Project W's Women Entrepreneurs Boot Camp (WEB) is back with Cohort VII of their signature accelerator aimed at closing the gender gap in funding for female founders. Join The Impact Seat's President & Founder, Barbara Clarke, where she'll talk about building a dynamic and diverse board to help lead you to success.

    Learn More about Project W Women Entrepreneurs Bootcamp
  • Ascent-Annual-Speaker-Cards-LinkedIn-Cheryl-Contee

    2021 Ascent Conference: "DEI - Beyond the Buzzword"

    Respecting, understanding and investing in the employee experience not only provides a healthy, productive environment – it’s directly correlated to economic growth and profitability.

    Join Chief Innovation Officer Cheryl Contee for the 2021 Ascent Conference, where she'll talk about DEI and human capital.

    Register Here for 2021 Ascent Conference: "DEI - Beyond the Buzzword"
  • Women's Venture Summit 2021 Promo Flyer

    Women's Venture Summit 2021

    We're honored to be sponsoring this year's #WVS2021 hosted by Stella Labs! Join us and hundreds of female founders & investors for the 8th annual Women’s Venture Summit on Sept 17-18! This year’s event will be our biggest one yet, featuring amazing keynotes, a pitch competition & more.

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  • Women's Fast Pitch Promotional Flyer

    Women's Fast Pitch San Diego 2021

    Our Chief Innovation Officer, Cheryl Contee, is joining this year's annual Women's Fast Pitch Competition to judge some of San Diego's best and brightest entrepreneurs! The winner of this regional event will get a chance to pitch in the national competition at the 8th annual Women's Venture Summit!

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  • The 19th Represents Summit 2021 Promo

    The 19th Represents Virtual Summit

    We're excited to sponsor this year's 19th Represents Virtual Summit – join us for five days of impactful programming. Join us for keynotes and conversations with leaders, history-makers and rising stars, including Former First Lady Michelle Obama, sports icon Billie Jean King, and musical guests Julien Baker and Demi Lovato.

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