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“We're building a new ecosystem and community for historically excluded founders and visionary investors.”

Cheryl Contee, CEO

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  • East Coast Family Office Conference

    East Coast Family Office High Net Worth Annual Conference

    The East Coast Family Office High Net Worth Annual Conference is being held on November 3rd, 2022. Founder of The Impact Seat Foundation, Barbara Clarke, will be a part of the event as a member of a panel on the importance of investing in diverse teams and why venture capitalists need to overcome bias to fund women of color.

    Barbara will be joined by Lorine Pendleton and Patrice Brickman to discuss the importance of funding diverse teams and furthering women of color in business. The panel will kick off at 2:25 pm EST.

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  • Vermont Women's Investor Network

    HerStory with Vermont Women's Investor Network

    The Vermont Women's Investor Network is hosting a series entitled HerStory, where women business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs share their entrepreneurial stories and how they achieved success in business.

    The Impact Seat Foundation's Founder, Barbara Clarke, will share her story about investing and why impact investing is of great importance to her. By investing in diverse teams, we're able to create a more equitable future.



  • Third Act Storytelling Quest

    Third Act Storytelling Quest

    Third Act is hosting an interview series entitled, "Third Act Storytelling Quest," where business leaders, founders, and industry professionals will tell the story of their Third Act, or the ventures that propelled them to success late in life.

    The Impact Seat Foundation CEO, Cheryl Contee, will share her story in an interview during the event. She'll discuss her passions, what motivates her, and what this phase of life means to her in terms of personal and professional development.

    This series aims to be a guiding force of motivation for those looking to take the next step in their career and to inspire those who are ready to excel during their own Third Act.

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