Full Stack Philanthropy

The Impact Seat Foundation is providing resources, community and access to create a world in which women succeed as business leaders. To build an ecosystem that promotes women leaders, we need to make sure they receive the support and financing they need at every step of the way. 

What does impact investing + grantmaking + advocacy equal? That’s Full Stack Philanthropy.

We utilize these three pillars of Full Stack Philanthropy like other foundations do, except that we added a twist. We wanted to amplify the effect of our philanthropy by making sure that every facet of our Foundation’s existence serves to further fulfill our mission.

“I wanted to amplify the effect of my philanthropy by investing in companies aligned with our mission.”

Barbara Clarke, Founder & Board Chair

Impact Investing

After over a decade of impact investing, our Founder and Board Chair, Barbara Clarke, who has had numerous exits from her investments, has generously donated $3MM in assets to our Foundation. These investments will generate revenue entirely dedicated to our grants.  When incredible ideas, fantastic founders and cutting-edge companies get the resources they need to succeed backed by a team that takes full advantage of the diversity of human experience — we can build a better future, together.

We share a vision of an economy that emerges from the pandemic to provide greater opportunity and prosperity for all.  When we democratize access to capital and put diverse teams in positions of power, we can solve big problems faster and with better outcomes.