The Impact Seat Foundation is a diverse, female-founded and led team. We have seen firsthand how our woman-led, diverse team embraces creative friction to create better solutions. 

Our Staff

Cheryl Contee

If you want ROI, you need DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion)!

Cheryl Contee

Chief Executive Officer

Cheryl Contee is The Impact Seat’s Chief Executive Officer and award-winning Founder & Chair of the mission-driven digital agency Do Big Things. Cheryl is the Amazon bestselling author of Mechanical…

Mechanical Bull- How You Can Achieve Startup Success

Mechanical Bull:

How You Can Achieve Startup Success

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Gabby De La Cruz

I’m passionate about uplifting the voices of founders creating the innovation we need most in the world.

Gabby De La Cruz

Communications Director

As The Impact Seat’s Communications Director, Gabby focuses her versatile talents on developing marketing strategy, streamlining operations, CRM management, community engagement with investors & entrepreneurs, influencer outreach, and brand identity…

Our Board

Barbara Clarke

My goal is to provide women with the networks and systems they need to succeed!

Barbara Clarke

Founder and Board Chair

Barbara Clarke is the Founder and Chair of The Impact Seat LLC and The Impact Seat Foundation. Launched in 2021, The Impact Seat Foundation strives to create a world in…

Build Your Board, Build Your Business

Build Your Board, Build Your Business: The Million Dollar Path To Success Explained

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Juanita Lott, Board Member of The Impact Seat Foundation

Juanita Lott

Board Member

Juanita Lott is a director, technology executive, entrepreneur and advisor with specific expertise in enterprise software, governance and human resource management. Juanita currently serves on the boards of Accion Opportunity…

Janelle Benjamin

Janelle Benjamin

Board Member

Janelle Benjamin is an accomplished serial entrepreneur and investor. She is one of the precious few black female entrepreneurs to raise over $1 million in funding and successfully exit. Previously,…