Barbara Clarke

Barbara Clarke

My goal is to provide women with the networks and systems they need to succeed!

Barbara Clarke

Founder and Board Chair

Barbara Clarke is the Founder and Board Chair of The Impact Seat Foundation. Launched in 2021, The Impact Seat Foundation strives to create a world in which women, particularly women of color, succeed as business leaders.

Barbara’s vision of full stack philanthropy melds impact investing, advocacy and grantmaking to accelerate an expanded and equitable economy for all. As one of the top U.S. individual investors in women-led innovative tech startups, Barbara’s iconic investment strategy has inspired many others around the world. 

Currently, she serves on a variety of boards, including Founders First Capital Partners, an innovative revenue based financing firm formed to support diverse small businesses around the country.

She is also a founding member of Astia Angels, who invest in impactful high-growth companies led by inclusive teams with women leaders. In addition, Barbara served as one of the founding members of the Portfolia, Inc Board of Directors. Portfolia is a venture fund focused on investing in the solutions women want in the world.

In 2022, Barbara released her Amazon best-selling book, “Build Your Board, Build Your Business”. A polyglot, Barbara speaks five languages and splits her time between New England and Berlin.

Build Your Board, Build Your Business

Build Your Board, Build Your Business: The Million Dollar Path To Success Explained

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