Betsy Fore

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"When we invest in women, we are opening up a world of possibility for everyone! When women flourish, economies thrive."

Betsy Fore

Board Member

Betsy has almost two decades of experience as an inventor, CEO and serial entrepreneur. She is currently Founding Partner and Managing Director of Velveteen Ventures, investing in children and the planet for the next seven generations. Previously she was Co-Founder & CEO of Tiny Organics, prior to that she founded WonderWoof, the first dog activity monitor and app. Before that she built Mind Candy alongside the current Founder of Calm in London. She began her career tinkering in the garage building motorcycles with her dad and then becoming a toy inventor.

Betsy is the first Native American woman in history to raise a Series A, having raised over $20M to date. Her first capital she ever secured for her previous company was a $50k grant and she is determined to give other underrepresented and female founders the same opportunity she had to build and to scale VC-backable, mission-driven businesses. She went on to found her non profit Natives Rising to do just that and it is now the largest community of Indigenous technologists and founders, with members representing over two hundred tribes.

Betsy is also an Investment Partner at VC firms XFactor Ventures and LongJump Fund. She serves on several boards and as an Entrepreneurial Ambassador for the U.S. Embassy to other countries. Her greatest accomplishments are her two baby boys, Sebi & Azi.