Natashia Edwards

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Closing the gap for women isn't just about leveling the playing field; it's about rewriting the rules for success.

Natashia Edwards

Operations Manager

As The Impact Seat Foundation’s Operations Manager, Natashia helps to streamline our financial and operational processes, ensuring productive operations throughout our organization. Passionate about PEOPLE and serving as a catalyst for others to achieve their best potential, Natashia collaborates with our leadership team to spearhead critical cross-functional initiatives. She is instrumental in driving policy adherence, managing financial and technological resources, providing board support, and overseeing all aspects of operational efficiency.

Prior to her role at The Impact Seat Foundation, Natashia worked at a non-profit organization that serves marginalized and under-resourced communities in Chicago, IL. As their Director of Operations, she was responsible for developing, implementing, and optimizing policies and procedures that improved their day-to-day operations and ensured their departments and teams were managed and performed efficiently and effectively.

She also offered comprehensive training, coaching, and development aimed at recalibrating their team’s communication, collaboration, and connectivity both to their work and to each other.

Natashia brings a decade of experience serving individuals, organizations, and teams in Strategy, People & Culture (HR), Marketing, Operations, Consulting, and Business/Nonprofit Management to her role at The Impact Seat Foundation. She is a Goldman Sachs’ One Million Black Women: Black in Business graduate and holds several certifications from SHRM and Northwestern University, including Organizational Leadership (Northwestern), Diversity Recruitment and Retention (SHRM), High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation (Northwestern), and more.